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1976 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

Price: Sold Mileage: 43,702

Designed by Leonardo Fioravanti following on from the Ferrari Daytona at Pininfarina studios where also the body was produced. The chassis is a tubular still based on the 365 GTC/4 with fibreglass floor. This car is equipped with its matching numbers 4.400lt 6 Weber carbureted Colombo F101 engine producing 320bhp first designed by the the motoring genius Vittorio Jano. Launched 12mnonths after the 365 GT4 at the Paris Motor Show.
The gentleman's driver car, 365 GT4 2+2 had a large celebrity appeal back in the day, including Rat Pack Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davies Jr, Tina Turner, Bill Cosby who owned a brown metallic one, Gilles Villeneuve and more.
Today the 365 GT4 2+2 is a car that is appreciated by the collectors world and within reasonable price range comparing other V12 Ferrari's like the Daytona with plexi glass selling for approximately £700.000 with factory correct 5 spoke knock off wheels.
Where do we start, this is a fabulous garage find we are selling on behalf of the owner who enjoyed it since the early 1990s. As the pictures tell it was once garaged some 10 years ago by the owner and whilst some intention to refresh was started some years ago, it did not progress beyond sample cutaways on the drivers side.
So here we present a car in obvious need of full restoration to the body, with additional work to be discovered, however the headlining is superb so maybe just a fresh set of tyres? Joking aside it is going to be a project for an enthusiast that can appreciate with only 500+ of these produced, made before the introduction of the 400, this ultra-rare RHD version will compliment a Ferrari first timer or Ferrari fanatic who has the passion. With Lamborghini Espada values now being recognised for the V12 Grand Tourer cars of the 1970s, the 365 GT4 2+2 is sure to follow suit as the Espadas counterpart.
This car is offered UK registered, strictly as a restoration project.